Antine, Stacey Appetite for Life
Banner, Lois Marilyn: the Passion and the Paradox
Brooks, Joanna The Book of Mormon Girl
Callow, Simon Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre …
Chapin, Kari Grow Your Handmade Business
Cummings, Quinn The Year of Learning Dangerously
Cusk, Rachel Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation
Dionne Jr., EJ Our Divided Political Heart
Doh, Jenny We Make Dolls
Drabelle, Dennis The Great American Railroad War
Ehrenciou, Martine The Take-Charge Patient
Emling, Shelley Marie Curie and Her Daughters
Ferraro, Joanne Venice: History of the Floating City
Freeman, Joshua American Empire
Grande, Reyna The Distance Between Us
Grunwald, Michael The New New Deal
Hansen, Valerie The Silk Road
Harper, Bob The Skinny Rules
Hsiao-Hung, Pai Scattered Sand
Karlins, David Building Websites All-in-One for Dummies
Keating, Ann Durkin Rising Up From Indian Country
Keizer, Garret Privacy
Kelly, John The Graves are Walking
Kozol, Jonathan Fire in the Ashes
Levine, Madeline Teach Your Children Well
McEnery, Jim Hell in the Pacific
Martinez, Ruben Desert America
Meredith, James A Mission From God
Montgomery, David The Rocks Don’t Lie
Peters, Shawn Francis The Catonsville Nine
Provine, Robert Curious Behavior
Randall, David Dreamland
Ray, Janisse The Seed Underground
Roffman, Deborah Talk to Me First
Ronald, Susan Heretic Queen
Sapp, Warren Sapp Attack
Smokov, Mark He Rode with Butch and Sundance
Travis, David Karsh: Beyond the Camera
Trethewey, Natasha Native Guard
Wang, Tova Andrea The Politics of Voter Suppression

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