Anderson, Scott Lawrence in Arabia
Asante, M.K. Buck : a Memoir
Beam, Cris To the End of June
Berry, Matthew Fantasy Life
Brafman, Ori The Chaos Imperative
Cruise, Jorge The 100
Dalrymple, William The Return of the King
Fontanella-Khan, Amanda Pink Sari Revolution
Gezari, Vanessa The Tender Soldier
Gross-Loh, Christine Parenting without Borders
Guinn, Jeff Manson : the Life and Times of Charles …
Holzer, Harold The Civil War in 50 Objects
Jones, Shirley Shirley Jones
Kyle, Chris American Gun
Leach, William Butterfly People
Loxton, Daniel Abominable Science!
Mandery, Evan A Wild Justice
Miller, Adrian Soul Food : the Surprising Story …
Miller, Kimberly Rae Coming Clean
Powell, Neil Benjamin Britton : a Life
Quart, Alissa Republic of Outsiders
Rivera, Jenni Unbreakable
Russell, Michael Undercover Cop
Sanders, Sue Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore
Sheffield, Rob Turn Around Bright Eyes
St. Germain, Justin Son of a Gun
Steiner-Adair, Catherine The Big Disconnect
Wilson, Robert Mathew Brady : Portraits of a Nation
Withers, Pam Jump-Starting Boys

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