Anthony, Lawrence The Last Rhinos
Bearzi, Maddalena Dolphin Confidential
Bennett, Amanda The Cost of Hope
Campbell, Julieann Setting the Truth Free
Castner, Brian The Long Walk
Chertavian, Gerald A Year Up
Colby, Tanner Some of My Best Friends …
Collins, Gail As Texas Goes …
Conard, Edward Unintended Consequences
Dufty, David How to Build an Android
Edwards, Betty Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Felt, Hali Soundings
Gibbs, Nancy The Presidents Club
Goddard, Peyton I Am Intelligent
Gruber, Esther Rose The Daily Feast
Heinrich, Bernd Life Everlasting
Higgs, Liz Curtis The Girl’s Still Got It
Holt, Jim Why Does the World Exist?
Iverson, Kristen Full Body Burden
Jacobs, Jack Basic: Surviving Boot Camp …
Karp, Harvey The Happiest Baby Guide to Sleep
Klein, Edward The Amateur
Lepore, Jill The Mansion of Happiness
McCallum, Jack Dream Team
Macintyre, Brian Double Cross
Marmorstein, Gary A Ship Without a Sail
Marafioti, Oksana American Gypsy
Morley, Jefferson Snowstorm in August
Pyne, Lydia The Last Lost World
Ray, Rachael The Book of Burger
Savage Brosman, Catherine On the North Slope
Schwartz, Susan JFK’s Secret Doctor
Sheen, Martin Along the Way
Shriver, Mark A Good Man
Slotkin, Richard The Long Road to Antietam
Soames, Mary A Daughter’s Tale
Steyer, James Talking Back to Facebook
Stillman, Deanne Desert Reckoning
Stott, Rebecca Darwin’s Ghosts
Strayed, Cheryl Tiny Beautiful Things
Talty, Stephan Agent Garbo
Taylor, Jim Your Kids (Happily) Unplugged
Veith, George Black April
Wasik, Bill Rabid: a Cultural History of the …
Wasserstein, Bernard On the Eve
Weintraub, Stanley Final Victory
Woolf, Greg Rome: an Empire’s Story
Yow, John The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal

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