Acitelli, Tom The Audacity of Hops
Barra, Allen Mickey and Willie
Berg, David Run, Brother, Run
Booker, Sheri Nine Years Under : Coming of Age …
Brill, Janet Bond Blood Pressure Down
Brown, Daniel James The Boys in the Boat
Cardiff, Ashley Night Terrors : Sex, Dating, Puberty …
Carlson, W Bernard Tesla : Inventor of the Electrical Age
Charleson, Susannah The Possibility Dogs
Collins, Paul Duel with the Devil
Coyle, Marcia The Roberts Court
Eck, Joe To Eat : a Country Life
Edsel, Robert Saving Italy : the Race to Rescue …
Ellis, Joseph Revolutionary Summer
Gapultos, Marvin The Adobo Road Cookbook
Geoghegan, John Operation Storm : Japan’s Top Secret …
Halpern, Sue A Dog Walks Into a Nursing Home
Hanagarne, Josh The World’s Strongest Librarian
Harman, Jay The Shark’s Paintbrush
Jackson, Phil Eleven Rings : the Soul of Success
Jensen, Dean Queen of the Air
Johnson, Lois Joy The Wardrobe Wakeup
Kagan, Jerome The Human Spark : the Science of …
Knox, Amanda Waiting to Be Heard
Koppel, Lily The Astronaut Wives Club
Kraybill, Donald The Amish
McDade, Travis Thieves of Book Row
McPherson, Charles The Butler Speaks : a Return to Proper …
Marchese. C Marina The Honey Connoisseur
Monahan, Louise Stolen : Escape from Syria
Morris, Marc The Norman Conquest
Muller, Melissa Anne Frank : the Biography
Nocito, Anton Make Your Own Soda
Packer, George The Unwinding : an Inner History …
Pipher, Mary The Green Boat : Reviving …
Ricca, Brad Super Boys : the Amazing …
Robertson, Phil Happy, Happy, Happy
Satel, Sally Brainwashed : How We are Seduced …
Shaben, Carol Into the Abyss : an Extraordinary …
Spungen, Susan What’s a Hostess to Do?
Stein, Ellin That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall A Million Years Without You

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