Alexander, Eben Proof of Heaven
Bass, Rick A Thousand Deer
Beevor, Antony The Second World War
Bennett, Tony Life is a Gift
Cahalan, Susannah Brain on Fire
Colbert, Stephen America Again
Crosby, Molly Caldwell The Great Pearl Heist
Ecenbarger, William Kids for Cash
English, Ashleigh A Year of Pies
Fisher, Aaron Silent No More
Flannery, Tim Among the Islands
Freeland, Chrystia Plutocrats
Greenberg, Amy A Wicked War
Hampton, Dan Viper Pilot
Heisman, John Heisman
Henig, Robin Twentysomething
Johnson, John Peppermint Twist
King, Ross Leonardo and the Last Supper
London, Stacy The Truth About Style
McMurtry, Larry Custer
Manchester, William The Last Lion
Martinez, J.R. Full of Heart
Meyer, Dakota Into the Fire
Nader, Ralph The Seventeen Solutions
Nelson, James Carl Five Lieutenants
Nhat Hanh, Thich Fear
O’Reilly, Bill Killing Kennedy
Osteen, Joel I Declare
Perelman, Deb The Smitten Kitchen
Perry, John The Art of Procrastination
Phillips, Kevin 1775: a Good Year for a Revolution
Price, Deborah The Heart of Money
Rushdie, Salman Joseph Anton
Russo, Richard Elsewhere
Sacks, Oliver Hallucinations
Tabor, James Paul and Jesus
Tapper, Jake The Outpost
Tretheway, Natasha Thrall

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